Westport Primary

Elton Landscapes has completed another project under the state government’s commendable effort in supporting STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

Prior to the project, the area was described as an open ‘concrete jungle’. The designer’s intent was to ‘green’ the space whilst allowing it to take on the dual uses of being a pleasant and welcoming space for the children to enjoy and interact with as well as a valuable tool for education.

This project was completed under an SA Government Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) grant. The central feature of the new landscape is a stylised creek that specifically utilities the site’s drainage patterns to collect and direct roof and surface stormwater. This is to educate children and give practical experience with rainfall, drainage and water flows, but also educates about environmental systems on a broader scale. While retaining some storm water on site, the project’s direct environmental impact was relatively modest, but has potential is to leave a large impact on the future generation through their interaction with the environment.

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