Richmond Primary School

Starting with a client brief that resembled wish list of A4 images and sketches,Elton Landscapes worked closely with the client to design and prioritise a tight budget with the constraints and opportunities of the site.

Working within the confines of a tight site in an occupied school, Elton Landscapes  delivered this project with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Following on from a sensitive design process, the playspace was constructed in a highly efficient manner. Meager materials were transformed into an engaging playspace with much credit to the skill and foresight of the landscape team involved. The faculty are both thrilled and protective over their new space with the first groups of children being let loose in their new environment before its official opening at the commencement of Term 4. Given the quality of construction, and strict compliance with relevant standards it’s doubtful too many rules will need to be implemented.

Using efficient construction techniques to maximise value and addressing a decades long drainage issue, the result was an engaging space providing opportunities for active play, quiet exploration coupled with create and malleable environments for children to explore their own creativity with sensitivity to the unique cultural diversity of the school.