Crafers Primary

Over a duration of eight weeks, the structure was constructed using approximately 450 tonnes of Carey Gully sand stone. In close collaboration with the school, landscape architect and local quarry a variety of grades and sizes were carefully sorted, selected and placed. Certain areas were influenced heavily by aesthetic considerations and how best to showcase the beauty of a product found only a handful of kilometers down the road. Other areas were placed more with consideration to maximise irregular surfaces, nooks and climbing opportunities whilst strictly adhering to the relevant Australian Standards. The space has been independently assessed as conforming to the AS4685 series for playgrounds.

Rewarded for their trust in the Elton Landscapes the client has now taken advantage of what could have been very un-creatively framed as a retaining problem creating opportunities for play, events and quiet interaction between the students.The engaged participation of both parties facilitated the opportunities of the material and site to emerge ongoing, a key feature not in the original concept is what the Deputy Principal calls ‘the bandstand’: a series of flat plateaus on the western end of the installation imagined and partially constructed during a site meeting.

The school intend to make use of this unexpected outcome by holding performances by their performing arts student on this new and unique ‘stage’.