Anglicare, The Arches

Greening of the New Anglicare the Arches Development

A partnership between the Department for Correctional Services and Anglicare SA the Arches continues a long tradition on the Dale Street site of caring for the more vulnerable in our community. The facility provides temporary supported accommodation for accused offenders who don’t otherwise have a suitable place to say while they await due process. It provides for the application of the legal right to presumption of innocence by facilitating release on bail across a sector of the community that may otherwise enter custody by default due to circumstances not necessarily related.

An interesting feature and nod to the history of the site is the preservation of the boundary wall containing the names and graduation dates of former participants of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs conducted on the site.

Elton Landscapes was engaged by head contractor Badge Constructions to provide the external works package for the project. Providing valuable public greenspace to the residents of the site as well as the Dale Street Streetscape.

The full scope of works undertaken included:

  • Site remediation works due to soil contamination
  • Soft landscaping and irrigation
  • Kerbing works and crossovers
  • An extensive Unit Paved Carpark
  • Permeable Pavements to aide in stormwater retention
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Restoring the Dale Street Streetscape disturbed by construction activities.

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