Water is a precious commodity, when this resource is committed to a landscape it must be treated with the value it deserves.

In a dry continent it is through irrigation that we receive a lot of the value the living environments provide to our day to day lives. It is as an investment in our wellbeing that we divert this resource the purposes of gardens and grounds facilitating our interaction with them. Through the very best of irrigation practices we can ensure this investment is utilised to its full potential and in the absence of waste.

Elton Landscapes recognise this and are committed to Irrigation as a stand alone skillset and bank of knowledge, one that is held by all of our irrigation technicians.

Through an intimate understanding of best practice methods, technologies, and practices, and, balanced against the fundamentals of sound hydraulic design principals Elton Landscapes deliver high efficiency, high quality systems to a variety of clients.

We draw on a depth of experience in delivering high performing irrigation to landscapes such as sport fields, golf clubs, commercial properties, schools and institutions and more.

Our staff are immaculate in their record keeping and systems are handed over with accuracy in as constructed drawings, test reports, photographic documentation, supplier warranties and all the necessary information required for ongoing operation and potential future expansion.

We execute our work under the strictest of safety, quality and environmental controls and have industry leading management systems based on the principals described in:

  • ISO 4501: Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems