Play @ Brighton Primary

Ahead of some major developments at the school involving a new set of transportable classrooms on the site of the existing major playspace Elton Landscapes were engaged to develop a small but exciting space as an upgrade to an existing secondary playspace.

The good work of school staff and a very committed governing council saw the development of multi stage plan to ensure lunches and recesses remained engaging, contributed to learning and were above all, fun, even after the site fences go up at the commencement of the construction project.

Stage one of the plan developed by the school and governing council (luckily including a landscape architect) was to add interest, excitement and a large number of elements adding a swing, see saw, balancing elements, a large turf mound and some small gathering spaces.

Artwork, timber structures and a stunning sawn timber table were crafted by old scholar Geoff Bromilow. He also provided a timber lizard sculpture which doubled as a balance beam for the children to interact with. It was nice to see his engagement with the school decades after his time as a student, we also witnessed similar sentiments from our own BPS old scholars who also worked on the project.

Elton Landscape donated plants and mulch to ensure the finished project included plenty of greenery to finish off the space. We look forward to sharing the completed work with the children once the turf has bedded in and future posts showing it off complete.



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