The Jamie Larcombe Centre – Delivered!

After months of extensive works the team have worked hard to produce an exquisite landscape to compliment Glenside’s newly opened Veterans Precinct.

The Jamie Larcombe Centre will accomodate the facilities previously provided by Ward 17 at the Repatriation General Hospital. This new establishment will provide higher quality services to veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and other mental ailments.

The project features a vast range of different landscaping elements. Elton Landscapes were responsible for most of the external works to the facility including a variety of pavements, bespoke features such as concrete seating walls, shelters, arbors and entrance canopies. Complimented by extensive planting and soft surfaces.

A feature of the site is a playground area for families including a climbing structure, stone seating and nature play elements.

Within the community, the Jamie Larcombe Centre is an important institution, attempting to ensure the well-being and rehabilitation of military personnel who have made great sacrifices are paying an obvious personal cost. The team are thrilled with both the outcome and the privilege of producing a quality environment dedicated to our veterans.