Rose Park Preschool – Completed

We are proud to announce the completion of the Rose Park Preschool playground redevelopment.

At Rose Park, we have utilised a range of materials and design principles to create a natural setting.

The project aims to provide a mixture of activities and spaces for children to expand their minds, embrace their natural environment and exercise their young muscles.

Key features of the project include:

  • a sensory walk, utilising a range of materials to create different textures, as well as bright and aromatic plants to create interest in nature
  • swingset and log/rope obstacle to test the balance of the most intrepid child
  • water bubbling rocks that run through a dry creek bed to provide water play fun for the kids.

Using only the highest landscape construction standards and embracing the nature play ethos, we always aim to deliver fun playspaces that exceed our clients’ expectations.


The key features of the playspace are outlined in detail below.

Dry Creekbed and Bubbler Rocks

Re-creating the contours of a natural rock-lined creekbed. With water bubbling out of feature rocks at either end of the creekbed and running into the nearby sandpit, this feature facilitates hours of creative waterplay.

Rope Balance

Utilising gumtrees and natural rope, this obstacle is designed to test the balance of children and provides an exciting physical challenge.

Sensory Walk

Utilising a mixture of materials, plants and sounds, the sensory walk is designed to engage young minds with their natural surrounds.


No playground would be complete without a swingset – Elton Landscapes can select, order and install playground equipment to suit any need.

For more information on any of our projects, please contact us for a discussion on how we could meet your needs.


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